The school offers all-day school classes and currently runs four 1st grade, three 2nd grade and two 3rd grade all-day school groups. 6 trained and experienced educators look after the children and carry out homework and lesson preparation sessions, organize the lunch breaks (the food is provided by the school), and arrange a variety of amusing or educational activities in groups according to the students’ interests and preferences.

The educational work done in these groups is fully coordinated with the main goals of the school. The students’ interests are also taken into consideration as the programme aims at them spending their free time in a constructive and useful way. Activities in different areas of interests are part of the schedule. Their purpose is to create in students a sense of joy and amusement of school life.

Through the course of the activities and sessions the educator leads the students towards the realm of creativeness in a way that makes students eager to express their own creativity. In this way the educator is both an instructor and an assistant.